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Writing has always been my chosen form of expression, and has opened up opportunities for me that I could only have dreamed of. As I've grown and started moving into other mediums of expression, writing has nevertheless accompanied me, recording my most prized experiences.

Why Taiwan is still the creative heart of Mandopop

While those not in the know might still see Mandopop as a less well-produced version of K-pop, a light scratch beneath the surface reveals more depth and value in the scene than outsiders could possibly imagine. Starting from the top, Mandopop is essentially; as the name infers; Mandarin language popular music. This brand of pop music has long been characterised by sad ballads that are full of subtle, lyrical meaning, with Taiwan contributing greatly to this idea (and to the scene) ever since t

Why Taiwan is still the creative heart of Mandopop

While those not in the know might still see Mandopop as a less well-produced version of K-pop, a light scratch beneath the surface reveals more depth and value in the scene than outsiders could possibly imagine. Starting from the top, Mandopop is essentially; as the name infers; Mandarin language popular music. This brand of pop music has long been characterised by sad ballads that are full of subtle, lyrical meaning, with Taiwan contributing greatly to this idea (and to the scene) ever since t

Weighing the Worth of Chinese TV Singing Competitions

In the past two or three years, China’s televised reality singing competitions have taken the region by storm. These shows boast high-flying artists as judges and mentors while promising audiences fresh cream-of-the-crop talent. Shows such as ‘Sing! China’ and ‘I Am Singer’ boast viewerships in the hundreds of millions, and are rapidly solidifying their reputation as a viable source of opportunity and success for artists both established in the Mandopop scene and amateurs looking to find fame. Y

Live Review: Kowen Ko (柯智棠)@ Simple Life Festival 2016

​I like to think that finding Kowen Ko (柯智棠)’s music was fate at work pointing me in the right direction. I first heard him live at the Golden Melody Awards showcase in July this year, where he appeared as a special guest for his cousin Waa and performed a couple of songs (Note: This was in fact not the first time I had heard him sing; I had merely forgotten…see the post from April 2015 below. Seems that his music has passed me by more times that I can remember!).

I am alive.

Not going to lie, it's been a trying couple of months for me. Recently I've come to realise the fact that I'm not perfect (obviously, I know but it only finally hit me), and that I have faults which are hard for me to come to terms with. It's been wreaking havoc in my mind over the past few days, making me think if certain situations came to be that way due to issues with my personality. Sometimes I guess my anxiety just gets the best of me and I start to speed up, working at a superhuman pace that others can't keep up to. I used to think that wasn't necessarily a bad thing, but really what's the point of living in a world with other people when you're off in your own world by yourself right? 

The underlying reason why I love Chinese music so much...

As many followers on this blog may know, I've long been on a soul-searching journey to find out why exactly I love Chinese music so much. I've previously written articles digging deeper into this subject, but felt that in terms of why I loved Chinese music, there was certainly an element still missing and yet to be discovered.But in a lightbulb moment I had yesterday, I realised that the REAL reason I have continued to love this music so much was not because of its uniqueness (because upon delving deeper there has been certainly much left desired in terms of the quality of their music), but because of a more personal reason; a flaw my brain subconsciously overlooks. Escapism.

Jocelle's 2016 resolutions: TAKE A CHILL PILL (among others)

As you can probably tell from my wrap up of last year's resolutions, 2015 was a hectic year for me, and although I am still aiming to keep that rhythm going in 22016, I'm aiming to also take better care of myself in general (that can be my minor resolution!). But as for my major resolution of 2016, I hope that I can truly make my passion my profession. In Communications studies we say that once you say that you're from a certain profession, that makes you accountable for that said profession. I'm not yet at that stage where I'll introduce myself to others as a certain profession (eg. APW creator, music journalist), because hell, even I don't know what I'm supposed to do with all this C-pop nonsense swimming around in my head all day. But that's one thing that I'm hoping to figure out in 2016.

Digging Deep Pt.2-Why YOU should love Chinese music

Welcome back to part 2 of our music blog series about Chinese music! In the first part, I share with you guys why it has become such an important part of my life and why I love it so. Now, I'm going to share with you why YOU should love Chinese music.Even as of late, the Chinese music industry (especially the Taiwanese industry) has been in a bit of a downturn for me. Its' become harder to find great music, and I'm starting to see a lot more blurred lines, with songs in between good and bad-perhaps having some interesting ideas but not being able to follow through and really expand on the work in such a way where it becomes a beautiful piece of artwork. So definitely there are many things the industry could work on, especially in terms of organisation and quality control-from what I hear it can be quite a messy industry, with people using their hearts over their heads to make important decisions.

My thoughts on the Taiwan waterpark explosion

Praying for the people who have been so gravely injured in the Taiwan waterpark explosion. But even more pertinently we must be thinking about WHY this would only happen in Taiwan. There are color runs all around the world, music festivals staged everywhere. Why is Taiwan the only place where this has happened? Yes, people are suffering and we should pray for them and do what we can. But that doesn’t mean we should forget the crux of the situation.

Digging Deep Pt. 1-Why I love Chinese music

Being in a country (or countries) that no longer seem to appreciate the beauty of Chinese music, I am constantly faced with this question from others: Why do you love Chinese music? And until recently, I really didn't have a real answer for them as to why I loved it so much. Because I didn't know myself! But now I think I do have a little inkling of why I have persevered in sharing it with others all these years. Part two of our <Digging Deep> series will instead feature my thoughts on why YOU should be following the Chinese music industry, so stay tuned for that too!

New Year Post: Resolutions

Resolutions are a tricky thing. You don't want to have too few, but you also don't want to have too many. It's all about finding the perfect balance, and also actually having the resolve to conquer them! I mildly remember having made a resolution to drink more water in the year 2014, but I literally had forgotten all about it by February 2014, and have only remembered it now as this year's resolution. But I think I've figured out a theme for my resolutions that will help it to stick a lot better.

As long as you're happy

When I went to Taiwan, it was kind of like a free pass for me to do whatever the hell I wanted. I was alone in a foreign country; no friends, no family; nothing to hold you back. So of course as I started to make more friends, late night dinners, karaoke-ing, midnight runs and bike rides (that I always protested at) became a constant in my life. No curfews and living by myself meant that I basically had a free pass to make myself happy; with no obligations to compromise with family members on certain issues, or trying to wrangle a few hours of talking time from friends who seemed to be eternally busy with their own lives. 


I miss Taipei so much that it's not even funny. Thinking about all the opportunities that I've missed by not being there really makes me sad, but knowing that I'll be back there again someday does make me feel better. Many people live in foreign countries for a good deal of their life, because of business, because of university, or due to many other factors. They rent houses, get gym memberships, visit the local supermarket and make friends. But after it's time to leave, many of them don't return for years, or decades even. Although they've built their relationships, spent time to understand their surroundings and made themselves comfortable; for these people that place isn't home for them.


But it's safe to say, this hasn't been just any old exchange experience. This trip has absolutely surpassed any previous expectations I had for the trip and for myself-never would I in a million years have thought that I would have the courage to do some of the things I did, the persistence to do others, and on top of it all, the passion to pull it all off. I think before it was in there somewhere, just growing and growing, but tunnelling deeper and deeper inside me without actually showing itself. No one I knew really had an interest in Chinese music, nor in sharing it with me, so for a really long time I just thought that keeping it to myself and doing things independently would be the best way for me. 

New blog series: Thoughts of Taipei #1-infinite possibilities

Definitely, I'm happy to report back that life has changed for me since I left Taipei. I was worried at first that I'd just go back to my normal life, get back into old routines and slowly start to lose passion and enthusiasm, two elements that I've gained back after my time in Taipei. But as time passed, I realised that instead of losing steam along the way, the hope, the enthusiasm and the optimism that I had found once again has never let me down. I've finally found a pathway which I really am interested in, am taking a healthier approach to living, and devoting more time towards cultivating my musical and creative interests.

Memories of taipei + Kimberley Chen: Up on the roof:我会再想你i will think of you again

I've always had a special place in my heart for this Up On The Roof acoustic series that Kimberley's been doing with a bunch of her composers, producers and friends such as Terry, Skot and James to name a few. People are always doing acoustic covers of things, and I've always loved listening to them, so by putting together whole series dedicated to making some good, meaningful and sincere music always makes it big in my book.

Fear less- be fearless

I realise after I've gotten to Taiwan I've become a lot braver. I used to be scared of doing lots of things, and just cooped myself up in my own little world a lot of the time, with life revolving mostly around work, school and family. But after I've gotten here I find that I've become more spontaneous, and more brave in trying new things. Going white water rafting today was a great experience for me. I was initially doubtful about trying it as I don't like adrenaline activities, and on top of this, the paranoia of myself and my mother really made me think twice. But I really enjoyed myself, and because I agreed to go, made some really good friends along the way!
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