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Writing has always been my chosen form of expression, and has opened up opportunities for me that I could only have dreamed of. As I've grown and started moving into other mediums of expression, writing has nevertheless accompanied me, recording my most prized experiences.
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Live Review: flumpool “WHAT ABOUT EGGs?” – Millian, Singapore (23.07.16) –

First of all, I’m not an avid flumpool fan. As many know me to be C-Pop crazy, my J-pop/J-Rock exploits are limited, but my ears are nevertheless open to listening to any promising acts that I happen to cross paths with. And on a cool weekend evening in Singapore, it seems that flumpool was the next one on my list. Although I didn’t have much time to prepare in between mundane errands that took up my time in the days leading up to the concert, I thought to myself, ‘Well, if they’re good enough,
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Exhibit Walkthrough: Cheer Chen's-移動的房間 being, not being (16/07/16)

I'm not going to pretend to be a huge fan of Cheer Chen. In fact, I know very little about her music, but do own copy of her book "不在他方Placeless Place", where her honest and philosophical writing style sparked my interest. So on my recent travels to Taiwan, I decided to give her exhibit a whirl, entering with no prior knowledge of its theme or background and just an open mind.
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Performance Review: "Love, Regret向左走,向右走"-Waa Wei, Wang Dawen, Joanna Wang (9/07/16)

Although I don't claim to be an expert on reviewing musicals, and especially not Chinese musicals, I decided to review the musical version of Jimi's "Turn Left, Turn Right" (or "Love, Regret" as they call it) as a way of memorialising the experience, much like how I write reviews for my favourite albums or movies. As I had never seen a Chinese musical before, I didn't know what to expect, but was in extreme anticipation mode about seeing the talented performers Waa Wei, Wang Dawen and Joanna Wang performing and interacting on stage together. Furthermore, it seems that the producer and composer for many of the songs within the musical was none other than George Chen, renowned producer and cult favourite within the Taiwanese music industry for his elegantly crafted works. What could go wrong?
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celebrity stalking in taiwan-how to get into Entertainment 100%娱乐百分百Filming-yen-J and Hsiao Hung Jen

So during my time in Taiwan, I was fortunate enough to be allowed to participate in the filming of an episode of Entertainment 100%娱乐百分百, featuring Yen-J and Hsiao Hung Jen in a 'celebrity friend' episode of the show! For the content of what they talked about on the show, I'm sure you can just find out by watching the episode itself, but I hope I can share with you guys a few tips if you're ever in Taipei and wanting to catch one of these shows!
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Peggy Hsu @ Starbucks-La Valse music meet (May, 2014)

So I was sorting through my drafts folder and found a couple of unpublished photos of Peggy Hsu's performance at Starbucks way back in 2014! It really brought back memories and I still remember Peggy playing the accordion accompanied by musician Eric on the guitar! As I look back on this memory, I find that Peggy looks so cherub-like in this picture, so cute whereas now she's more elegant and womanly. As for myself...well, you'll just have to stay tuned to this blog where I'll be doing a recount of my month-long stay in Taiwan this summer! Stay tuned!
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William Wei-《在你身边》(By your side) concert review

I've been a fan of wei's music since his first album and saw him perform live once before, during the autograph session for his latest album <Journey into the Night>. So I was pretty aware of what would be waiting for me when I got to the concert. Sure enough, when I arrived at the concert what met my eyes was a crowd that filled up half of the Legacy theatre, packed denser than sardines in a box. But what I could feel was an audible cacophony of loyal fans whispering and humming along to Wei's latest single playing while they waited. The atmosphere in the place was definitely electric and made me summon up my energy reserves in preparation for a great night out despite an exhausting day.
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19/04/14-Yen-Joy Everyday! (Yen-J birthday concert @ Legacy Taipei)

Had so much fun at Yen-J's Yen-Joy Everyday concert at Legacy Taipei on the 19th! Here are some pictures from a great night! As the theme was R n B, Yen-J requested that his fans come dressed in R n B outfits, which fit into the theme of his most recent Love x Pi album, as he performed every single song from that album that night, and also had fun activities planned to involve the fans in the choosing of the songs that he would be singing that night! He also gave his heartfelt thanks to every single fan, thanking them for being there for him and supporting him until this day.
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