Jocelle Koh

Writing has always been my chosen form of expression, and has opened up opportunities for me that I could only have dreamed of. As I've grown and started moving into other mediums of expression, writing has nevertheless accompanied me, recording my most prized experiences.

[Live Review] Anpu安溥 - Refining Clouds煉雲 @ Taipei Arena (12/05/18)

Before I even stepped into the venue, I knew Anpu’s ‘Refining Clouds煉雲’ live performance at the career-defining Taipei Arena would not be just any other concert. The enigmatic indie singer-songwriter has been in and out of the scene since announcing the retirement of her former persona Deserts Chang in 2014, yet has made several unannounced pop-up appearances at indie gigs since then; most notably at Taiwanese Waves showcases in New York from 2016 to 2017.

Live Review: flumpool “WHAT ABOUT EGGs?” – Millian, Singapore (23.07.16) –

First of all, I’m not an avid flumpool fan. As many know me to be C-Pop crazy, my J-pop/J-Rock exploits are limited, but my ears are nevertheless open to listening to any promising acts that I happen to cross paths with. And on a cool weekend evening in Singapore, it seems that flumpool was the next one on my list. Although I didn’t have much time to prepare in between mundane errands that took up my time in the days leading up to the concert, I thought to myself, ‘Well, if they’re good enough,

Exhibit Walkthrough: Cheer Chen's-移動的房間 being, not being (16/07/16)

I'm not going to pretend to be a huge fan of Cheer Chen. In fact, I know very little about her music, but do own copy of her book "不在他方Placeless Place", where her honest and philosophical writing style sparked my interest. So on my recent travels to Taiwan, I decided to give her exhibit a whirl, entering with no prior knowledge of its theme or background and just an open mind.

Performance Review: "Love, Regret向左走,向右走"-Waa Wei, Wang Dawen, Joanna Wang (9/07/16)

Although I don't claim to be an expert on reviewing musicals, and especially not Chinese musicals, I decided to review the musical version of Jimi's "Turn Left, Turn Right" (or "Love, Regret" as they call it) as a way of memorialising the experience, much like how I write reviews for my favourite albums or movies. As I had never seen a Chinese musical before, I didn't know what to expect, but was in extreme anticipation mode about seeing the talented performers Waa Wei, Wang Dawen and Joanna Wang performing and interacting on stage together. Furthermore, it seems that the producer and composer for many of the songs within the musical was none other than George Chen, renowned producer and cult favourite within the Taiwanese music industry for his elegantly crafted works. What could go wrong?

celebrity stalking in taiwan-how to get into Entertainment 100%娱乐百分百Filming-yen-J and Hsiao Hung Jen

So during my time in Taiwan, I was fortunate enough to be allowed to participate in the filming of an episode of Entertainment 100%娱乐百分百, featuring Yen-J and Hsiao Hung Jen in a 'celebrity friend' episode of the show! For the content of what they talked about on the show, I'm sure you can just find out by watching the episode itself, but I hope I can share with you guys a few tips if you're ever in Taipei and wanting to catch one of these shows!

Peggy Hsu @ Starbucks-La Valse music meet (May, 2014)

So I was sorting through my drafts folder and found a couple of unpublished photos of Peggy Hsu's performance at Starbucks way back in 2014! It really brought back memories and I still remember Peggy playing the accordion accompanied by musician Eric on the guitar! As I look back on this memory, I find that Peggy looks so cherub-like in this picture, so cute whereas now she's more elegant and womanly. As for myself...well, you'll just have to stay tuned to this blog where I'll be doing a recount of my month-long stay in Taiwan this summer! Stay tuned!

William Wei-《在你身边》(By your side) concert review

I've been a fan of wei's music since his first album and saw him perform live once before, during the autograph session for his latest album <Journey into the Night>. So I was pretty aware of what would be waiting for me when I got to the concert. Sure enough, when I arrived at the concert what met my eyes was a crowd that filled up half of the Legacy theatre, packed denser than sardines in a box. But what I could feel was an audible cacophony of loyal fans whispering and humming along to Wei's latest single playing while they waited. The atmosphere in the place was definitely electric and made me summon up my energy reserves in preparation for a great night out despite an exhausting day.

19/04/14-Yen-Joy Everyday! (Yen-J birthday concert @ Legacy Taipei)

Had so much fun at Yen-J's Yen-Joy Everyday concert at Legacy Taipei on the 19th! Here are some pictures from a great night! As the theme was R n B, Yen-J requested that his fans come dressed in R n B outfits, which fit into the theme of his most recent Love x Pi album, as he performed every single song from that album that night, and also had fun activities planned to involve the fans in the choosing of the songs that he would be singing that night! He also gave his heartfelt thanks to every single fan, thanking them for being there for him and supporting him until this day.

Day 11-Concert review-Sunny Frog productions @ riverside河岸留言

It was a great night out for me at the Riverside河岸留言 music venue; not too many people showed up, but the crowd was shy but enthusiastic, supporting their favourite acts and even bringing along signboards and posters! All the better for me to get up close and personal with the artists, including my favourite Lara Veronin, as well as Mify (member of disbanded band Roomie), Aoki and many others! 

Concert Review Special: Taipei in transit-Yen-J Piano man concert singapore edition

Saturday, the 25th of January turned out to be a cool day in Singapore, perfect concert-watching weather. Unfortunately, not many residents of Singapore took advantage of the weather to attend Yen-J’s <Piano Man> concert at the Singapore National Stadium in Kallang. A crying shame, it was. And I’m not referring at all to the concert itself, which I feel was a great success, but instead feel bad for the people who weren’t able to take this opportunity to watch such a great artist in action. Upon entering the stadium, the empty rows and general unenthusiastic atmosphere among concert-goers fazed me, and I found myself wondering, ‘Would there even be an encore?’ .

Golden Melody Festival 2016 Review: EDM and Hip Hop Showcase Feat. My Skin Against Your Skin, Poetek, Starr Chen and Nick Chou –

Although yes, I am a music reviewer and am required to keep an open mind about all music I listen to (I do try to do this to the best of my abilities), I do have to admit that EDM isn’t exactly my favourite genre. So I wasn’t too sure what to expect from today’s showcase featuring greats such as My Skin Against Your Skin, Poetek, Starr Chen and Nick Chou. As My Skin Against Your Skin took to the stage to kick off the performance, I was pleasantly surprised by lead singer Andrea’s kind and gentl

Live Review: 27th Golden Melody Awards – Taipei Arena, Taiwan (25.06.16) –

The 27th Golden Melody Awards was for me certainly a night to remember-and not just because it was the first time I had the pleasure of attending it in person! Starting off with a number of hot-to-trot artists and celebrities who made a sparkling entrance on the red carpet including the sharp-tongued Xiao S and her dynamic counterpart Kelvin Tsai, actress-cum-singer Ariel Lin and many of the nominees, the ceremony’s beginning was heralded in by a beautiful medley of some of Sodagreen‘s famous hi

Golden Melody Festival 2016 Review: Rock and Folk Showcase feat. Monkey Pilot, Chalaw Baliwali, Passepied and MATZKA –

Up and raving to go for the second night of the Golden Melody Festival, I was introduced to a few handbanging and earth-loving acts which completely blew my mind, and for the most part, gave me a greater insight into the unique and beautiful way Aboriginal Taiwanese perceive the world around them. Golden Melody Award-winning band Monkey Pilot were the first to take to the stage, producing a performance that was as electrifying as it was eardrum-splitting. Their third song “Wa Li Ah” especially

Golden Melody Festival 2016 Review: Pop Showcase feat. Waa Wei, Murmurshow, Jia Jia and Boxing –

On the first night of this year’s Golden Melody Awards Festival showcase, I kind of knew what to expect. Well, I thought I did, as I had been to one several years ago, and had a pretty good time. Couple of artists singing songs I know, karaoke session fun times. But what I didn’t expect was that although I was less acquainted with many of the performing artists, it was truly a night to remember for me; moreso than before. I recall mulling over this many times during the several performances as I

Live Review: ONE OK ROCK “35XXXV” – Fort Canning Park, Singapore (23.01.16) –

When I initially became interested in music, I really treasured it for the high that I got from it. Listening to some of my favourite Mandarin artists such as Gary Chaw made me feel as if I was soaring above the clouds, with not a care in the world. But as I became more and more involved in writing and promoting the music I fell in love with, life took to the fast-track and nowadays, that feeling of weightless freedom is one that I rarely feel. However, attending J-Rock band ONE OK ROCK’s “35XXX

Live Review: A-Mei “Utopia” – Singapore Indoor Stadium (09.01.16) –

Arriving at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Saturday night, I did NOT have a good feeling about the concert. Having previously been in the venue for my brother’s BMT graduation during which I heard only 20% of what the announcer was saying, I was doubtful about how well even the queen of Mandopop A-mei would be able to control the thousands-strong crowd in such a venue. Paying $68 bucks for a ticket, I got a seat even worse than what was afforded to me for free previously at the famous Taipei a

Live Review: Superfan Friday with Alfie Deyes and Marcus Butler – Suntec City Convention Centre Singapore (04.12.15) –

Imagine a roomful of 300 mostly female teenagers all vying to see and meet superstar YouTubers Marcus Butler and Alfie Deyes. Got an idea of what it looks like? Good. Amplify what you imagined by ten and that was exactly what happened at Branded’s annual Digital Matters event in Suntec City Convention Centre Singapore, who opened their Superfan Friday segment of the conference to Malfie fans for the first time ever in Singapore. All pumped up to meet Marcus and Alfie (or Malfie) for the first