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Writing has always been my chosen form of expression, and has opened up opportunities for me that I could only have dreamed of. As I've grown and started moving into other mediums of expression, writing has nevertheless accompanied me, recording my most prized experiences.

Hello Asia!

Interview: Waa Wei – Adapt like a Cloud, Coordinate like an Octopus, her Road to Creativity –

With a soothing, silken set of vocal chords and a flair for innovation, it is no surprise that Taiwanese singer-songwriter Waa Wei has been nominated year after year for her works at the Golden Melody Awards, and was voted by Hello Asia ‘Best Mandarin Female Singer’ of 2016 for her latest album ‘Run! Frantic Flowers’. The critically acclaimed album includes ten songs that were written specially to fit within the “Run! Frantic Flowers未路狂花” concept of the album, which is a phrase that means to br
Hello Asia!

Eve Ai: There’s a Method to her Madness –

Humorous, chatty and bubbly on one hand and sincere, honest and compassionate on the other; my interview with Taiwanese singer-songwriter Eve Ai was a crockpot of all things interesting as she generously doled out anecdotes that highlighted the multifaceted and intriguing nature of her personality and music. Indeed, it has been her music’s eclectic yet electrifying nature that has afforded her musical works so much critical acclaim since her debut. Nominated for six categories at this years’ Go
Asian Pop Weekly

10 Questions with Higher Brothers (88Rising): Bringing Wechat To The World

In 2016, 88Rising a media platform which has since its debut garnered a reputation for unearthing some of Asia’s most classed-up hip hop acts (Rich Chigga from Indonesia, Keith Ape from Korea) introduced a new group to their bad-ass posse: a motley crew of Chinese natives who call themselves the Higher Brothers. Upon releasing a couple of tracks, the Higher Brothers’ style of East-meets-West hip hop started to catch the attention of Western viewers worldwide, amassing millions of views apiece.
Hello Asia!

Crowd Lu on breakfast, family and homelessness –

“A Tainan boy living in Taipei, trying to sing out his ideas about life using an acoustic guitar. Likes to eat breakfast. Positive thinking in music aids digestion.” When asked to describe himself in one sentence to fans, this is how quirky Taiwanese singer-songwriter Crowd Lu decided to do it. Famous for his obsession with breakfast as the most important meal of the day (he’s even written a song about it), the 31 year-old who was recently crowned ‘Best Male Singer’ at Hello Asia’s C-Pop awards
Hello Asia!

Zooey Wonder: Why You Would Fall In Love with Wonderland –

Crowned Hello Asia’s Best Newcomer at the recent 2016 C-pop awards, this accomplishment was by no means the biggest achievement of Taiwanese indie singer-songwriter Zooey Wonder’s year. First coming to my attention after her song ‘Wonderland’ was featured in award-winning film director Armando Bo’s short film Lifeline (starring Olivia Munn and Wang Leehom), I was even more bowled over after finding out more about her story and her music. Proffering a warm, soothing brand of Folktronica and Ambie
Hello Asia!

Khalil Fong on the making of “Journey To The West” –

Ask any self-respecting ABC (stands for American-born-Chinese) for a list of their favourite Chinese music artists off the top of their head, and there’s a high chance Khalil Fong is somewhere on that list. The prolific artist, who since his debut in 2006 has made a name for himself with his unique curation of Soul, R&B, Urban, Blues and Jazz music is largely lauded for his introduction of soul and blues music into the Chinese music scene. As his musical influences imply, Fong is an ABC himse
YAM Magazine

On Being Human: Interview with Lara Veronin

For those of you who aren’t clued in yet, Taiwanese-American singer-songwriter Lara Veronin (梁心頤) has recently released her new single Where Do We Go at the end of what has been a tumultuous year for her. The sweet, vivacious 28 year-old who was once part of band Nan Quan Mama (南拳媽媽) and previously under Jay Chou’s record label JVR Music spoke to YAM Magazine about what she’s been up to since her last album in 2012, and about all the ins and outs of her thoughts for this single.
Hello Asia!

Jay Chou on the influence of newfound fatherhood and why he’s Mandopop’s Mr Invincible –

When I first got into Mandarin music, never did I think that I would ever have the chance to ever meet, let alone interview greats who have shaped the industry into what it is today. Yet here I am, writing a feature for a Mandopop star that has arguably been the one of the most celebrated and pivotal players in the music industry over the last two or so decades – Jay Chou. The 37 year-old pioneer, who was one of the first to spark public interest in an East-Meets-West fusion of musical styles is
Hello Asia!

Diana Wang – not going ‘Home’ without a fight –

I have always been a huge fan of Diana Wang‘s (王詩安) voice. Sweet and resonant, it has the ability to traverse the depths and heights of the musical scale with a bouncy electricity few can boast of. However, despite releasing several hit songs since her debut in 2013, her talent has gone largely unnoticed, rendering her a partially hidden gem within Taiwan’s saturated music industry. But I believe that her talent will not stay hidden much longer, given her successful re-emergence to the scene in
Hello Asia!

Interview: Lim Kay Tong (Singapore) on a veteran’s drop-dead persistence at 20th Asian TV Awards –

Lim Kay Tong, one of Singapore’s most celebrated veteran actors sits at a couch surrounded by reporters after his big win at the 20th Annual Asian TV Awards, where he has just won best supporting actor for his role as herbalist William Li in HBO Asia drama Grace. He is the only Singaporean to have collected accolades at the awards this year. He is surprisingly sedated despite the win, even admitting to turning up late to the awards ceremony fifteen minutes before the award was announced for his

【快問快答】GIGANTIC ROAR巨大的轟鳴 @ :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::


【專訪】小福氣FELIX FELICIS:像煙火的樂團到底長什麼樣? @ :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::

借一句嚴爵唱過的詞,年度趣味團體小福氣可以說像煙火一樣-短暫又絢麗 。被自己說成一種“限量版”的side project,來自來吧!焙焙!,巨大的轟鳴,大象體操和猛虎巧克力的四個團圓各有各的音樂性格,但在一起也能擦多元化又新鮮的火花。讓彼此挑戰個人的音樂極限也是小福氣團員們聚在一起的原因之一,代表著一種短暫卻如此精彩的音樂體驗。聚在一起不到一年就要因為事業的責任而解散,所以我就說他們就像煙火,短暫又絢麗嘛。真的覺得很榮幸能夠在他們各走各路前記錄下他們當下的獨特音樂默契,也了解一下他們對這次在新加坡當巨大的轟鳴的嘉賓有什麼想法。
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[What's on my playlist?] with SEKAI NO OWARI's Nakajin (Pt. 1 of 4)

Welcome to Asian Pop Weekly's newest blog series called 'What's on my playlist' where some of our favourite artists share what's currently on their playlists, and a little about why they love each of the songs on it! I came up with this concept because I love knowing what's on my favourite artists playlists, as I feel it gives me a better sense of their tastes and personality, especially if you look hard enough. After all, the way to a musician's heart is through their music, no? Anyway, the first four posts in the series are already specially reserved for one of my favourite Japanese bands SEKAI NO OWARI, who will be touring the US very soon! Their band leader Nakajin will have the honours of revealing to us his playlist first. So without further ado, let's begin!
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[What's on my playlist?] with SEKAI NO OWARI's Fukase (Pt. 4 of 4)

Welcome back to the second post in our 'Whats on my playlist' blog series, this time shining a spotlight onto Fukase, SEKAI NO OWARI's lead vocalist and one of their creative muses.His music to me is reflective of his sensitive nature, and a throwback to his vibrant story. (See more about SEKAI NO OWARI's story here). So without further ado, let's allow Fukase's music sensitivities tell his story for him!
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