Jocelle Koh

Writing has always been my chosen form of expression, and has opened up opportunities for me that I could only have dreamed of. As I've grown and started moving into other mediums of expression, writing has nevertheless accompanied me, recording my most prized experiences.

Film Review: Ip Man 3 (Hong Kong, 2015) –

Hearing that Wing-Chun blockbuster Ip Man 3 was so good that it knocked the most recent Star Wars film off the charts filled me with pride for my Chinese heritage and an appreciation for the martial art form. Thus, having seen “Star Wars”, I was keen to review “Ip Man 3” to see how the two REALLY matched up in my opinion. However, I do have some bad news for the Wing Chun/Donnie Yen fans. Ultimately, “Star Wars” was better. And seeing that this statement is coming from me, someone with a complet

TV Review: A Shared House Season 1 (Australia, 2015) –

Not just any Australian series, it certainly isn’t easy to get me hooked, but independent Australian series A Shared House certainly did the trick. Starring Georgia Woodward as Charlotte, a young woman stuck in a quarter life crisis who has to share her house with roommates after her boyfriend leaves her, the series is a fresh take on a mundane part of many a young Australian’s life and is highly relatable, no matter the audience. Slightly humorous and with a huge dose of friendly bonding time

Film Review: Our Times (Taiwan, 2015) –

How does one recreate a story that seems like it’s been told time and time again in a way that is nevertheless able to tug on audience’s heartstrings? This would be a great question to ask Frankie Chen, director of the Taiwanese blockbuster hit Our Times which is swiftly spreading its influence not just around Taiwan, but around the globe. On first impression, it seems to just be another rip-off of Giddens Ko’s 2011 hit You’re the Apple of My Eye. Same time frame, both set in high school setting

Japanese Film Festival 2015 Film Review: 100 Yen Love (Japan, 2014) –

Possibly the best movie that I’ve seen in the past few months, 100 Yen Love is a story of many things-romantic love, female empowerment and determination all rolled into one digestible and immaculately executed package. Directed by Masaharu Take and starring Sakura Ando as down-and-out college dropout Ichigo, the film follows Ando on a journey of 360 degree transformation as she is kicked out of her parents’ house at the age of 32 and forced to earn her keep, meeting some savoury and unsavoury r

Japanese Film Festival 2015 Film Review: La La La At Rock Bottom (Japan, 2015) –

After skimming the synopses of a couple of the movies that were screening at this years’ Japanese Film Festival, I went with my gut and picked one that seemed to resonate well with me. The story of a amnesiac who picks up the pieces of his past through a journey buoyed only by his love of singing-it had me caught hook, line and sinker. But set in an ageless small town in Osaka, the movie turned every single expectation I had on its head. Starring Subaru Shibutani as the amnesiac Shigeo and Fumi

Singapore Film Festival 2015 Film Review: Wayang Boy (Singapore, 2014) –

Kicking off the Perth stop of the Singapore Film Festival was Wayang Boy, a feel-good flick that explores the concept of Xenophobia in a uniquely Singaporean setting. The film features Denzyl Yashasvi Dharma as Raja, an Indian national who comes to Singapore with his Chinese stepmother and agrees to star in the school’s Chinese Opera performance in order to fulfil his father’s wish of seeing him on stage. Bringing in cultural greats such as Hong Kong actress Michelle Yim and Chinese Opera master

Film Review: Lost In Hong Kong (China, 2015) –

Best described as a Chinese crossover between the Hangover series and Due Date, Lost in Hong Kong is the sequel to director Xu Zheng’s blockbuster hit Lost in Thailand. Starring Xu Zheng, Zhao Wei, Bao Bei’er and Du Juan, the action-comedy follows painter-turned-brassiere designer Xu Lai as he embarks on a 12-hour adventure through the streets of Hong Kong unwillingly accompanied by a Zach Galifianakis-esque sidekick/brother-in-law Cai Lala. An avid painter in his university years, Xu Lai engag