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Writing has always been my chosen form of expression, and has opened up opportunities for me that I could only have dreamed of. As I've grown and started moving into other mediums of expression, writing has nevertheless accompanied me, recording my most prized experiences.
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Five of the best Jam Hsiao songs that you need to hear –

Taiwanese star Jam Hsiao is coming to Australia next week for his IMBA Rock and Romance concert in Melbourne & Sydney! In celebration of his arrival in Australia, Hello Asia’s resident C-Pop expert Jocelle Koh has put together five of her favourite Jam Hsiao songs over the past decade. This is one song that Jam Hsiao fans cannot go without knowing. The resident rock god of the Mandopop scene is known for his electrifying live performances, and how better to rock out there than by singing one of
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Khalil Fong on the making of “Journey To The West” –

Ask any self-respecting ABC (stands for American-born-Chinese) for a list of their favourite Chinese music artists off the top of their head, and there’s a high chance Khalil Fong is somewhere on that list. The prolific artist, who since his debut in 2006 has made a name for himself with his unique curation of Soul, R&B, Urban, Blues and Jazz music is largely lauded for his introduction of soul and blues music into the Chinese music scene. As his musical influences imply, Fong is an ABC himse
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2016 C-Pop Awards – Nominees Revealed! –

Hello Asia! are excited to announce the nominees for the 4th Annual Hello Asia! C-Pop Awards, with the winners set to be revealed on New Years Day – Sunday January 1st 2017. It has been a great year for the Chinese Pop music industry, so check out who’s been nominated as some of the music highlights of the Chinese music industry in 2016! – 你好不好-Eric Chou – Flow: Khalil Fong feat. Wang Leehom – 我們的總和: Eve Ai – Jane Zhang: Dust My Shoulders Off – Lara Veronin: Where Do We Go Crowd Lu: Wh
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C-Pop Style Diary #1: Tanya Chua's three shades of denim

Singer-songwriter-producer Tanya Chua has always been a source of inspiration for me. Be it through her music, her tastes or her sense of style, her individualism and strong, independent yet overtly feminine attitude always shines through. Of course, in her fashion sense, this is no exception. Having posted many photos of her clad in denim on her Facebook, it seems that the Mandopop songstress is an expert in pairing denim to create outfits that look effortlessly classy with simple touches to create beautiful, coordinated looks. Let's explore a few of them below, shall we?
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Colours of the Jam: Jam Hsiao’s various hairstyles in 2016 –

This year has been a big one for Taiwanese rocker and crooner Jam Hsiao, who released his cover album Reminiscence at the start of the year. Rocking a cut a little shorter than what fans were used to, it was still dapper and not that big a change from the mop Hsiao usually sports. However, as the year progressed, Hsiao appeared with a monk-like buzz cut, which he has been sporting in many different styles and colours as we get further into 2016. Here are a couple of the radical colours he’s gone
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Happy Mother’s Day! How 4 C-Pop stars are showing their love to their Mums –

Happy Mother’s day to one and all! It’s certainly a day to be thankful to your mums for not only carrying you for nine months and enduring the painful labour of pushing you out of her, but also for her unending support of you no matter what stage of life you’re in. Here are four C-Pop artists who shared their love and thanks to their moms in sweet and unique ways. Let’s have a look shall we? Brasca, the wonderkid that is Jay Chou’s mentee has actually composed a sweet song for his mum called “I
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A day in the life of S.H.E member Ella Chen –

Well I’m sure just like me, you wonder sometimes when you have nothing better to do what celebrities do in their spare time. Well, thanks to Ella’s dashing husband Lai Jie Yu, we now have the privilege of a peek into a normal weekend with Taiwanese girl group S.H.E member Ella Chen. As you’ll soon find out, they’re pretty much…just like us. After breakfast, Ella and her hubby set out to the park with their beloved dog Pudding. Super chef Ella’s inspiration seems to have struck once again, so t
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Celebrating White Valentines’ day with words of advice from Bii, A-Lin, Jam Hsiao and more –

For those of you who don’t know, White Valentines’ day is a celebration that originated in Japan. Somehow it came to be that the official V-day on the 14th of February was taken as a day for girls to show their affection for people they admired, buying them chocolates and flowers to show their love. Thus, on the 14th of March, each year it is time for the guys to show their affection for their potential or actual other halves! Taiwan has also seemed to adopt this tradition, and music streaming
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10 Things You Should Know About Taiwanese Rapper Aristophanes –

Say hello to Aristophanes, the Taiwanese rapper who is taking the Western music world by storm with her unique Chinese rapping style and intense yet beautiful lyrics. Having been introduced to her by an Australian friend of mine (shame on me!), it seems that Aristophanes is taking the road less travelled by finding fame through her collaboration with Canadian singer Grimes on her track “Scream”. Since then, she has been rapidly propelled to fame as one of the indie darlings of the music journal
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