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Writing has always been my chosen form of expression, and has opened up opportunities for me that I could only have dreamed of. As I've grown and started moving into other mediums of expression, writing has nevertheless accompanied me, recording my most prized experiences.

Interview: Waa Wei – Adapt like a Cloud, Coordinate like an Octopus, her Road to Creativity –

With a soothing, silken set of vocal chords and a flair for innovation, it is no surprise that Taiwanese singer-songwriter Waa Wei has been nominated year after year for her works at the Golden Melody Awards, and was voted by Hello Asia ‘Best Mandarin Female Singer’ of 2016 for her latest album ‘Run! Frantic Flowers’. The critically acclaimed album includes ten songs that were written specially to fit within the “Run! Frantic Flowers未路狂花” concept of the album, which is a phrase that means to br

Eve Ai: There’s a Method to her Madness –

Humorous, chatty and bubbly on one hand and sincere, honest and compassionate on the other; my interview with Taiwanese singer-songwriter Eve Ai was a crockpot of all things interesting as she generously doled out anecdotes that highlighted the multifaceted and intriguing nature of her personality and music. Indeed, it has been her music’s eclectic yet electrifying nature that has afforded her musical works so much critical acclaim since her debut. Nominated for six categories at this years’ Go

10 Questions with Higher Brothers (88Rising): Bringing Wechat To The World

In 2016, 88Rising a media platform which has since its debut garnered a reputation for unearthing some of Asia’s most classed-up hip hop acts (Rich Chigga from Indonesia, Keith Ape from Korea) introduced a new group to their bad-ass posse: a motley crew of Chinese natives who call themselves the Higher Brothers. Upon releasing a couple of tracks, the Higher Brothers’ style of East-meets-West hip hop started to catch the attention of Western viewers worldwide, amassing millions of views apiece.

Zooey Wonder黃玠瑋: Wonderland (2017)

Adorned in all shades of pastel and shimmer, Zooey Wonder’s first full-length album ‘Wonderland’ intrigued me from the first moment I saw her album art. (For those of you who don’t know me, I love anything pastel and glittery!) Yet aesthetics aside, Wonder’s album has been executed with a patience and wisdom that goes beyond her young years, revealing her warmness, kindness and concern for the world around her. Indeed, her personality and use of the folktronica and ambience genres are what have made her pastel-and-shimmer visuals so apt and meaningful, while they would have otherwise gone to waste on other inane pop acts.

Namewee黃明志: Crossover Asia亞洲通車 (2017)

I have always found Namewee to be an interesting character. He has in the past fearlessly and constantly criticised the Malaysian government through his music, dares to create works bordering on sexually explicit-yet also shows himself to be a filial son through his constant references to his mother. The Malaysian singer-songwriter-rapper particularly piqued my interest when he released his latest ‘Crossover Asia’ album which has since seen him nominated for ‘Best Male Mandarin Singer’ at the 2017 Golden Melody Awards. Given that the album has a focus on promoting harmony and cross-cultural collaborations all across Asia, it was certainly a project right up my alley.

Ed Sheeran – Divide

When I first heard Ed Sheeran’s latest album Divide, I was just as excited and blown away as the rest of the world. Although I cannot consider myself a fan, I have always been partial to his soothing vocals and acoustic sound. The album was catchy, Ed’s words authentic, what more could you ask for? But the overwhelming response to Sheeran’s album made me suspicious. It has never been the case that I have ever been so in tune with mainstream audiences’ tastes; what has changed? So I decided to gi

2017 Golden Melody Awards Showcase announces performances by William Wei, Crowd Lu, Eli Hsieh, BAND-MAID and more –

In lieu of the upcoming Golden Melody Awards, a three-day showcase will be held at ATT SHOWBOX from the 21st to 23rd of June, celebrating Taiwan’s unique brand of music alongside several international musical guests. Sporting a lineup of some of Taiwan’s most critically acclaimed young artists, it has been announced that nominees of this years’ awards Crowd Lu and Chang & Lee will be performing, alongside past award nominees such as William Wei, Balai, Chiu-Pi, Hello Nico, Sticky Rice and Sunse

Jason Zhang to bring ten-year anniversary ‘Sound of My Heart’ tour to Sydney this June –

Known as one of China’s most popular live acts, singer Jason Zhang will be taking his ‘Sound of my Heart’ world tour down under has he prepares to perform in Sydney on the 18th of June. The performance will be held at The Star Event Centre in Sydney. Zhang is especially known for his internet celebrity. His pre-concert livestreams are known to corral millions of viewers, with his hashtags for this concert going viral. After taking his tour through 11 cities in China, including the famous Work

Five of the best Jam Hsiao songs that you need to hear –

Taiwanese star Jam Hsiao is coming to Australia next week for his IMBA Rock and Romance concert in Melbourne & Sydney! In celebration of his arrival in Australia, Hello Asia’s resident C-Pop expert Jocelle Koh has put together five of her favourite Jam Hsiao songs over the past decade. This is one song that Jam Hsiao fans cannot go without knowing. The resident rock god of the Mandopop scene is known for his electrifying live performances, and how better to rock out there than by singing one of

Members of Hip Hop group G.U.T.S hold press conference in Sydney –

At Sydney’s Soho Social Club on the 11th of April, the boys of Taiwanese rap group G.U.T.S held their press conference heralding in their two-stop concert tour in Sydney and Melbourne on the 12th and 15th of April respectively. Organiser Etone Events, who specialises in organising larger performances that encourage cultural exchange between Australia and Eastern cultures warmly welcomed G.U.T.S to Australia. Taiwanese rap group G.U.T.S is unique in that they are made up of three critically acc

Crowd Lu on breakfast, family and homelessness –

“A Tainan boy living in Taipei, trying to sing out his ideas about life using an acoustic guitar. Likes to eat breakfast. Positive thinking in music aids digestion.” When asked to describe himself in one sentence to fans, this is how quirky Taiwanese singer-songwriter Crowd Lu decided to do it. Famous for his obsession with breakfast as the most important meal of the day (he’s even written a song about it), the 31 year-old who was recently crowned ‘Best Male Singer’ at Hello Asia’s C-Pop awards

Jam Hsiao’s ‘IMBA Rock and Romance’ Concert to come to Melbourne and Sydney this May –

Fans of C-pop and Rock music, have we got a surprise in store for you! First bringing A-Lin’s ‘Sonar’ concert to us last year, InMusic have just announced that they will be bringing Taiwanese God of Rock Jam Hsiao to Melbourne and Sydney in May for his IMBA Rock and Romance concert. Known for his uniquely chiselled and rough vocals, Hsiao first came to be popular when he placed highly on the Taiwanese reality singing show ‘One Million Stars’, but has progressed in leaps and bounds since then, r

Zooey Wonder: Why You Would Fall In Love with Wonderland –

Crowned Hello Asia’s Best Newcomer at the recent 2016 C-pop awards, this accomplishment was by no means the biggest achievement of Taiwanese indie singer-songwriter Zooey Wonder’s year. First coming to my attention after her song ‘Wonderland’ was featured in award-winning film director Armando Bo’s short film Lifeline (starring Olivia Munn and Wang Leehom), I was even more bowled over after finding out more about her story and her music. Proffering a warm, soothing brand of Folktronica and Ambie

Khalil Fong on the making of “Journey To The West” –

Ask any self-respecting ABC (stands for American-born-Chinese) for a list of their favourite Chinese music artists off the top of their head, and there’s a high chance Khalil Fong is somewhere on that list. The prolific artist, who since his debut in 2006 has made a name for himself with his unique curation of Soul, R&B, Urban, Blues and Jazz music is largely lauded for his introduction of soul and blues music into the Chinese music scene. As his musical influences imply, Fong is an ABC himse

2016 C-Pop Awards – Nominees Revealed! –

Hello Asia! are excited to announce the nominees for the 4th Annual Hello Asia! C-Pop Awards, with the winners set to be revealed on New Years Day – Sunday January 1st 2017. It has been a great year for the Chinese Pop music industry, so check out who’s been nominated as some of the music highlights of the Chinese music industry in 2016! – 你好不好-Eric Chou – Flow: Khalil Fong feat. Wang Leehom – 我們的總和: Eve Ai – Jane Zhang: Dust My Shoulders Off – Lara Veronin: Where Do We Go Crowd Lu: Wh
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